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Why we do what we do

We are providers of fee-based, proprietary, fiduciary level, actuarial driven, advisory services for the acquisition and management of large life insurance policies or portfolios of policies.

We believe life insurance is a unique form of property - with complex and flexible internal property rights - that only performs at its best when it is properly acquired and professionally managed.

When it is properly acquired and professionally managed, and there is an immediate need and desire for liquidity at the time of someone’s death, we believe life insurance is the greatest tool ever invented for the creation and transfer of wealth.

This is our passion… not only because of our desire to unleash the power and potential of life insurance, but also because the efficiency and value of life insurance has been eroded by consistent misrepresentation, improper acquisition, under utilization and neglect.

After 35 plus years of managing life insurance property rights, we know life insurance is rarely properly acquired and never managed. This neglect is creating a monumental financial disaster for many individuals, one that can easily be avoided. When we see life insurance under perform, it drives us crazy.

While the industry has been generating all sorts of new types of life insurance, with sophisticated property rights, the people who sell it have not been given the support, time, or resources they need to keep up with this rapid evolution. ObjectiView has changed that.

As the creators and leading practitioners of Life Insurance Property Management™ or LIPM™, we have the processes, robust systems, and proven expertise in place for bringing the most significant and complicated cases to conclusion. We do this better than anyone else in America and we make everyone involved look great while doing so.

Our unshakable commitment to do exactly what is best for the life insurance property owner is the foundation upon which we have built our business. We are mediators first and foremost and we approach each project as independent, fiduciary-level consultants. This is what the owners of significant life insurance property are used to, appreciate and expect.

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