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Who we work with

We only work with exceptional advisors whose ultimate concern is to do what is best for their clients.

Whether they are legally bound as fiduciaries or not, all of the exceptional advisors we work with have an undeniable personal and professional sense of obligation and moral commitment to act as one.

They engage ObjectiView because we enable them to apply their powerful sense of responsibility to the acquisition and management of significant life insurance policies or portfolios of policies.

The exceptional advisors who engage ObjectiView have these characteristics in common:

  1. They hold themselves accountable for always doing what is best for their clients.
  2. When it is appropriate, they are true believers in permanent life insurance and know it is an essential asset in a well-designed portfolio when there is an immediate need for liquidity at the time of someone’s death.
  3. They are well positioned, highly visible, and influential in their community of affluent and leading professionals (e.g.: CPAs, attorneys, financial advisors). These other professionals respect their expertise and listen to, and act on, their advice.
  4. In most cases, they are dealing with clients who own or are thinking about acquiring life insurance policies with premiums in excess of $100,000 per year
  5. What they say goes with their clients!
  6. They understand the value of working with other experts who match their elite status and capabilities.
  7. The relationship they enjoy with clients is enduring, powerful and purposeful enabling them to work with other experts with confidence when appropriate.
  8. They are comfortable collaborating on cases and allow other exceptional advisors to take the lead where and when it is appropriate.
  9. When they collaborate with other exceptional advisors, they assure fair compensation arrangements for all parties involved.
  10. They have achieved personal financial security and manage a successful practice or business that generates a minimum of $500,000 per year of personal income, although most are above $1 million.

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